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How To Use Compatible inks and Solve Issues

by David Rodgers 11 Jan 2024

Using compatible (third-party) ink cartridges instead of original manufacturer (OEM) cartridges can be up to 70% cheaper, but it sometimes leads to issues. Here's a summary of common troubleshooting tips for when you're using compatible inks:

  1. Recognition Problems: Sometimes printers fail to recognize a compatible ink cartridge.

    • Solution: Remove and reinstall the cartridge. Ensure it clicks into place. If the printer still doesn't recognize it, try cleaning the chip on the cartridge with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. Poor Print Quality: Issues like streaking, smudging, or incorrect colours can occur.

    • Solution: Run the printer's cleaning cycle. If the problem persists, check for clogs in the printer head and clean it following the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Cartridge Leaks: Compatible cartridges might leak if improperly made.

    • Solution: Remove the cartridge and clean any spilled ink using a damp cloth. Be gentle around sensitive parts of the printer.
  4. Firmware Issues: Printer manufacturers often update firmware to restrict the use of third-party cartridges.

    • Solution: Check the printer's user manual or online resources for ways to bypass these updates, or consider using older firmware versions.
  5. Color Mismatch: Sometimes, the colors printed by compatible cartridges don't match the expected outcome.

    • Solution: Calibrate your printer's color settings. If the issue persists, the cartridge may be faulty.
  6. Low Ink Warnings: Printers might incorrectly read third-party cartridges as low on ink.

    • Solution: Reset the ink level indicators on your printer. Methods vary by printer model, so refer to your manual.
  7. Clogged Nozzles: Can be more common with third-party inks.

    • Solution: Regularly clean the printer heads. If a nozzle is clogged, use the printer's cleaning function.
  8. Shorter Cartridge Life: Some users report that compatible cartridges don't last as long as OEMs.

    • Solution: Monitor your printing habits. High-quality printing uses more ink, so use draft or economy modes for less critical work.
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